Close Quarter Combat, Confined Spaces
10:00 AM10:00

Close Quarter Combat, Confined Spaces


Join us for an exciting, specialized seminar surrounding close quarter combat in confined spaces – taught by the one and only, Doug Hicks of EastSide Combatives! Topics will cover fighting in a restroom, closet, car or other small spaces where your normal weapons and distance are not available. You will learn grappling and close quarter striking skills to escape or subdue your opponent. There is no charge for this event for PNW Krav Maga and Eastside Combatives students. All members welcome!

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4:00 PM16:00

PNW Krav Maga Open House

Welcome Kravvers old and new! We’re excited to open up our new school in Kirkland and want to give you all a chance to a tour the facility, learn about our offerings, and answer any questions you may have! Bring your friends and join us for our first official Open House before we start classes.

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