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Krav Maga is an Israeli military self-defense system that drives from a multitude of fighting styles such as boxing, wrestling, aikido, judo, and karate. The system is designed to be easy to learn and practical for any age and body type. Krav Maga takes the most effective techniques from several other fighting styles and integrates them into one system designed to teach people to protect themselves and their loved ones. We teach techniques that apply to a variety of situations, from stand-up fights and ground defense to defending against guns, knives, and other weapons. Our instructors empower women, men, and future generations to feel confident in their abilities to defend themselves in any situation. Join a Krav Maga community that is welcoming, passionate, and supportive. No matter your fitness or self defense goals, we can help you become a better, more confident you.


Program Offering

We have several great options for monthly plans. Here are some of our program packages that give you more bang for your buck! Note: When purchasing a membership online, your membership starts as soon as you make a purchase. No need to wait until the first of the following month. We just ask that you make an appointment for your first class to get the proper run down.


3 Class Trial

Come try out three classes and meet our staff. Plus get a free set of Hand Wraps. All for just $10.

40 Class Card

This card is a great option if you can only attend class once per week. Use your 40 classes anytime you want within one year of signing up. 4 monthly payments of $125.

65 Class Card

This card is a great option if you can only attend class twice per week. Use your 65 classes anytime you want within one year of signing up. 6 monthly payments of $125.

12 Month Unlimited

To infinity and beyond – with the 12 Month Unlimited Card, you can take as many classes as you want. 11 monthly payments of $125.


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Anna S.

Everett, WA

Looking for a place to learn self defense? You found it! But it is so much more! You will get an awesome workout, meet great people, have lots of laughs, and so much fun! All of the instructors are energetic, creative, and really want you to learn! Go check it out! Have fun!



Jacob O.

Sultan, WA

Adam is an amazing instructor, very helpful and willing to accommodate various needs. He is both motivating and also a good person. The other instructors are fantastic as well! I have yet to take a class with an instructor that I did not like. If you have any interest at least give it a try for the 3 classes.



Brenda E.

Lake Stevens, WA

Brian L.

Kirkland, WA

This has honestly been the best experience I’ve had in SUCH A LONG TIME. I was looking for something to help me feel strong, and I found it. This group is amazing. I get to come into a place where people encourage each other to be better. The instructors are very supportive; more specifically Adam. I am very shy, but I feel very integrated and welcomed. All the instructors are amazing, but Adam is honestly the instructor whose class I always look forward to.

I’ve trained in other similar martial arts schools in the area and WOW – nothing compares to the experience I get from PNW Krav Maga. I get the workout I crave and the techniques are spot on. It is such a refreshing feeling to walk out of class, not only feeling tired from the training, but fired up at the same time. The martial art is what we do, but I think what sets this place apart from the rest is the team/family/community aspect. This is truly a safe place to train and I want to personally thank Adam and his team of instructors for keeping a solid culture and awesome environment to train in. See you in class!


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“Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it."

– Bruce Lee

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